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Brebussen takes you from the Sognefjord to the Nigardsbreen



The time tables for the Glacier Bus 2013 are not yet available.

Please check later for news.

The Glacier Bus runs Sogndal to Nigardsbreen and back every day, from Sogndal at 08.45 and back from Nigardsbreen / Breheimsenteret to Sogndal at 17.00 every day. Please find your timetables to the left.

The Jostedal Glacier is, with its almost 500 square kilometers, the largest glacier on the european mainland. All of the glacier, and also some of the nearby valleys, is protected as a National Park.

One of the most spectacular and also easiest accessable of the many glacier arms is the Nigardsbreen Glacier. In front of the glacier there's a small lake, which can be crossed onboard the passenger boat "M/S Jostedalsrypa".
And on the ice itself the Jostedalen Glacier Guides will bring you safely through the labyrinths of icetowers and crevasses.

Minimun age for the shortest hike is 6 years, and 12 years for the others. There are several to choose from. Please read more about the glacier and the hikes .

Icetroll Glacier Lake Kayaking and Riverpig Glacier River Rafting offer daily adventures on lakes, rivers and glaciers in Jostedalen. Tickets are available at Breheimsenteret. Have a look at the websites and pick your favorite.

So, join the Glacier Bus to this iceblue adventure in the heart of norwegian nature!

How to get tickets? Directly on the bus.
And read these pages thouroughly . They will save you questions when you get here. Download pdf timetables and prices