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You may...
walk and camp anywhere in the national park

pick berries, fungi and flowers for your own pleasure

hunt and fish in licensed areas

You must never...
use motorised land or water transport

fly aircraft below 300 m or land in the national park

quarry for stone, minerals or fossils

damage wild plants or disturb wild animals

leave rubbish within the national park




Management authorities:

The Jostedal Glacier National Park

The national park surrounds Jostedalsbreen - the largest glacier on the continent of Europe. This is a big plateau glacier with many glacial outcroppings. In the national park there are also many smaller separate glaciers. Glaciers and water have shaped the landscape with many moraines and other geologically interesting phenomena. 

Fåbergstøls-grandane is the largest active outwash plain in Norway. The landscape around Jostedalsbreen is characterized by large contrasts. Within short distances you find a spectacular scenic variety, from fiord and luxuriant u-shaped valleys with farms and traditional agricultural landscape to barren mountains and glaciers with peaks rising to 2000 m.

Gushing streams, rivers and waterfalls cascading down steep mountain sides or deep down in the valleys are the hallmarks of the area, especially the Stryn and Loen river systems. Jostedalsbreen constitutes one of the largest wilderness areas in southern Norway. Some of the valley glaciers are among the most frequently visited tourist attractions in Norway. Nigardsbreen Nature Reserve borders on the national park.

In the past, tracks and drove-roads crossed the great Jostedal ice-sheet, linking the western valleys with the inland districts of Sogn and south-east Norway. Cattle and horses were driven across the glacier to be sold in the markets in the east. This would be difficult today as the ice-sheet has shrunk and is therefore steeper and has more crevasses.

Jostedalsbreen has long been regarded as an attractive area for walkers and hikers. Skiing the length of the glacier has become popular in recent years. Without specialist knowledge and proper equipment, however, walking or skiing on the glacier is highly dangerous.

The old routes in the valleys around the glacier, such as Oldeskardet, offers exciting walking tours. Some of the valley glaciers like Briksdalsbreen, Bøyabreen and Nigardsbreen are among the most frequently visited tourist attractions in Norway. Jostedalsbreen National Park covers parts of the following municipalities: Luster, Sogndal, Balestrand, Førde, Jølster, Gloppen and Stryn.

Access, accomodation and information

There are access roads to the park from many of the surrounding valleys, including Jostedalen, Veitastrond, Fjærland, Stardalen, Oldedalen and Lodalen. Accomodation at camp sites, guest houses and hotels in the valleys outside the park, and at cabins within the park a few hours by foot from the main roads.

In the vicinity of the park there are three visitor centres :

Jostedalsbreen Nasjonalparksenter,   

Norsk Bremuseum

Breheimsenteret, which is HOME  of this site