Activities in Jostedalen

Do you want to experience the blue ice up close? Experienced guides can take you up to the mountains in both summer and winter. Jostedalen offers fabulous nature and exciting landscapes. Breheimsenteret is a good starting point for adventures both big and small, such as glacier hiking, mountain trekking, kayaking, and rafting. There are unlimited possibilities to go on an adventure out in nature, whether on your own or with a guide.


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Person dressed in red, at the top of Nigardsbreen glacier

The landscape has been shaped by the glaciers over thousands and thousands of years. Moving about in this glacier and mountain landscape lets visitors experience how the immense forces of the glaciers have impacted the landscape and the conditions for life throughout the ages. Between May and October, glacier hiking, kayaking, and rafting are exciting activities that everyone can participate in. In the wintertime, the Blue Ice Cave is a thrilling destination. There is usually plenty of snow in the Jostedalen valley and endless possibilities for skiing. How about combining a spectacular trip to a nearby mountain peak or the Blue Ice Cave with dinner at Jostedal Hotell or a swim at the Lustrabadet swimming complex?

People skiing in the mountains

Guided trip to the Nigardsbreen Viewpoint

Do you want to learn more about the Nigardsbreen glacier and how it has impacted the landscape and the people and ecosystems there? If so, you can join our nature guide on a trip to Nigardsbreen. During the trip, you will see how the glacier has shaped the landscape and hear the dramatic story of how the annually expanding Nigardsbreen destroyed farm buildings in its path.

Boat on the water, with Nigardsbreen glacier in the background.

On your way to the starting point by Nigardsbreen’s glacial lake, you will drive through a moraine landscape that was formed during the so-called Little Ice Age. From the Nigardsbreen car park, we will take the local boat for a round trip on the green glacial lake. We will then proceed to the recently ice-free landscape in front of the glacier. At the viewpoint itself we will take a break and taste cured meat from lambs who graze in the valley. The ticket includes admission to the exhibition at Breheimsenteret, which is the visitor centre for the Jostedalsbreen and Breheimen National Parks. Price: NOK 350 for adults and NOK 250 for children (up to 16 years). The price includes admission to the exhibition, a boat ticket, and food samples. Duration: Approx. 2.5 hours.

Picture of the Nigardsbreen glacier

Glacier hiking

Glacier hiking on blue ice is possible on Nigardsbreen from May to October. Experience the thrill of wandering about in blue ice, listen to the ice melting, and see the stunning landscape that has been created by the glacier over thousands of years. Jostedalen is the home of Nigardsbreen, the most accessible glacier in Norway, as well as several other glacier arms from Jostedalsbreen that are fully possible to visit along with a guide.

Children and adults on a glacier.

You can join shorter and longer glacier tours with experienced and knowledgeable glacier guides, in either smaller or larger groups. You will be lent the equipment you need to hike through the wondrous blue ice formations. Courses in glacier hiking will be organized for both beginners and advanced hikers, in addition to special courses for instructors. In April and May you can participate in a true springtime adventure: the Josten på langs ski crossing. Over the course of three days, you will experience Jostedalsbreen from the top of the glacier, starting in Jostedalen and ending up in the village of Fjærland, as you ski from the highlands and down to the fjord. For more information about the trips and how to book, see the various companies’ websites: Jostedal Breførarlag Icetroll Norgesguidene Fjord Active

Hiking boots in ice


In Jostedalen you can fulfil your dream of kayaking among icebergs! It is possible to kayak in several glacier lakes, beginning when the ice melts in early summer and ending in the fall.

Man and woman in kayak, with mountains in the background

Manoeuvring your kayak between icebergs on your way to one of the beautiful glacier arms is a magical experience that anyone can enjoy. The durations and distances of the trips vary in accordance with the visitors’ requests. Starting in May, kayak trips to Nigardsbrevatnet are on offer, combined with glacier hiking. The ice breaks up a bit later at the lakes Styggevatnet and Tunsbergdalsvatnet, so the season starts correspondingly later there. More information and booking: Icetroll


On its journey through Jostedalen and down towards Sognefjorden, the Jostedøla river offers exciting challenges. Different stretches of the river are well-suited to families, beginners, or thrill-seekers.

People rafting in a river

Experienced guides take you on rafting expeditions whose difficulty is graded 1–4. The lower age limit is 4 years. More information and booking: Icetroll

The Blue Ice Cave

Visit Nigardsbreen in wintertime on snowshoes or skis and experience the marvellous blue ice. If conditions allow, it is even possible to go beneath the ice! Every year we examine the ice as we search for caves that may safely be visited, but each year is different. In certain winters there are large caves, at other times small ones. In any event, the magic of the blue glacial ice remains the same!

Man in the Blue Ice Cave

Contact the local guide (Bjørnar) for more information and to book a trip: Facebook: Icecave Tlf.: +47 959 23 689

Snowshoe hiking

Experience the glacial foreland in winter. Our nature guides will take you on an informative walk across moraine ridges. Learn the glacier history and hear the dramatic stories. A family friendly experience with time to play in the snow and to enjoy a break by the fire.

Three people snowshoe hiking

The walk is easy for people in normal physical condition. We walk in the valley Nigardsbredalen and we’ll also have a break with a bon fire and something to eat. Join us for a one day hike or spend the night in Jostedalen and combine the hike with a trip to the Blue Ice Cave or a visit to one of the mountains in Jostedalen.

Clothing and equipment:

warm clothes and shoes.


Email to or call +47 57 68 32 50.


  • Daily on request.
  • Register within 3 days before start.
  • Meeting place: Breheimsenteret car park, Jostedalen.
  • Price: NOK 500 adult / NOK 300 children (up to 16 years). Minimum NOK 1600.
Three people snowshoe hiking

Mountain trekking

If you want to go on trips on your own, you can stop by Breheimsenteret and obtain trekking cards that provide concise, useful information about your trip. This is a simple way to explore the wonderful routes of Jostedalen. We have many suggestions for nice trips you can take.

Man and dog mountain trekking
Title Address Description
Gamlevegen 3,5 km
H7PM+WC Gjerde, Norge

Start ved Jostedal kyrkje. Turen følgjer gamlevegen over Styggegjølet. Gamlevegen er godt synleg med murane sine, noko som gir turen eit historisk sus.
Høgdeskilnad: 70 m.
Vanskegrad: Lett

Turkort forside · Turkort bakside

Dalen 2,3 km
9FH9G7XR+6RStart i Fossøy.  Ein lett tur frå flaumminnesmerket i Fossøy. Frå toppen får du flott utsyn ned att i grenda. Høgdeskilnad: 120 m. Vanskegrad: Lett Turkort forside · Turkort bakside
Gjerde 3 km
Brevegen 8, 6871 Jostedal, NorgeStart ved Breheimsenteret og opplev Jostedalen for eiga maskin! Denne løypa tek deg og familien mellom Gjerde og Breheimsenteret.
Høgdeskilnad: 50 m.
Vanskegrad: Lett

Turkort forside · Turkort bakside

Nigardsbreen 10 km
Brevegen 8, 6871 Jostedal, NorgeStart ved Breheimsenteret og gå ein flott tur gjennom Nigardsbreen naturreservat og heilt fram til brefronten av Nigardsbreen.
Høgdeskilnad: 20 m.
Vanskegrad: Middels

Turkort forside · Turkort bakside

Bergsetbreen 3,5 km
J5V9+MW Gjerde, Norge

Start ved Bergset. Ein tur som høver godt for barnefamiliar. I enden av den vakre Bergsetdalen ligg den skimrande Bergsetbreen og ventar på deg.
Høgdeskilnad: 60 m.
Vanskegrad: Middels

Turkort forside · Turkort bakside

Røykjedalen 4 km
J6P8+66 Gjerde, NorgeStart: Snøtun Flott stølstur. På stølen kan du nyte nista medan sauene beiter fredeleg rundt omkring.
Høgdeskilnad: 460 m.
Vanskegrad: Middels
Bakkedalen 4 km
H7XH+Q6 Gjerde, NorgeStart i Bakken. Tydeleg sti til stølen i Bakkedalen. Frå stølsvollane kan du nyte utsikta eller gå vidare og ta deg eit bad i Bakkedalsvatnet.
Høgdeskilnad: 460 m.
Vanskegrad: Middels
Holmevatnet 4 km
M9CP+74 Mjolver, NorgeStart: Fagredalen Her startar du over tregrensa og går i høgfjell heile vegen. Holmevatnet er kjent for å vere eit godt fiskevatn, så hugs fiskekort.
Høgdeskilnad: 240 m.
Vanskegrad: Middels
Myrhyrna 5,6 km
Unnamed Road, 6871 Jostedal, NorgeStart ved Vanndalsvatnet Det mest særeigne fjellet i Jostedalen er vorte eit signaturfjell for så vel lokalbefolkninga som kunstnarar. Frå toppen ser du både Jotunheimen og Jostedalsbreen. Ein luftig tur!
Høgdeskilnad: 440 m.
Vanskegrad: Krevjande

Turkort forside · Turkort bakside

Hytta på Mannen 6 km
Unnamed Road, 6871 Jostedal, NorgeStart ved Vanndalsvatnet. Frå sikringsbua på fjellet Mannen er det flott utsikt til både Jostedalsbreen og Jotunheimen. I hytta kan du ete nistepakka i ly for vêr og vind.
Høgdeskilnad: 460 m.
Vanskegrad: Krevjande
Haugafjellstølen 5 km
J7J3+JM Gjerde, NorgeStart på Gjerde eller Haugen. Sørvend, solrik og til dels bratt tur. Haugafjellstølen er ein av dei mest brukte trimturane i Jostedalen og byr på vakkert utsyn. Mogleg å gå vidare til Haugsvarden.
Høgdeskilnad: 480 m.
Vanskegrad: Krevjande
Liastølen 3,9 km
Nedreli 36, 6871 Jostedal, NorgeStart: Gardshaugen Flott tur til gamal støl og vakkert kulturlandskap. På Liastølen beiter det framleis både sau og kyr.
Høgdeskilnad: 390 m.
Vanskegrad: Krevjande
Vassdalen 7 km
Nedreli 36, 6871 Jostedal, NorgeStart på Gardshaugen. Fin tur for turvande familiar. Noko bratt sti i eit vakkert beite- og stølslandskap der dyra framleis beiter. Flott utsikt og idylliske omgjevnader der du både kan fiske og bade.
Høgdeskilnad: 470 m.
Vanskegrad: Krevjande
Vangsen 6,6 km
Unnamed Road, 6871 Jostedal, NorgeStart i Vanndalen Vangsen (1757 moh.) er «stortoppen» i Jostedalen, og om sommaren er han ganske lett tilgjengeleg på grunn av den høgtliggjande anleggsvegen.
Høgdeskilnad: 710 m.
Vanskegrad: ekspert
Jostedalsvegen 3051, 6871 Jostedal, NorgeFlott sykkeltur inn vakre Krundalen. I enden skimtar du Bergsetbreen, som kan nåast til fots frå parkeringa på Bergset. 
Høgdeskilnad: 200 m.
Vanskegrad: Lett
J7J7+HH Gjerde, NorgeFølg asfaltvegen fram til Breheimsenteret og vidare til parkeringa ved Nigardsbrevatnet. Mykje biltrafikk i høgsesongen. 
Høgdeskilnad: 80 m.
Vanskegrad: Lett
Fv334 13, 6871 Jostedal, NorgeDenne sykkelturen byr på flott brelandskap opp til Styggevatnet og Austdalsbreen. 1000 høgdemeter stigning og stadvis bratte bakkar gjer dette til ein relativt tung sykkeltur. Hugs lykt og refleks i tunnelen! 
Høgdeskilnad: 1000m.
Vanskegrad: Krevjande


Do you want to take part in an invigorating and fun-filled river experience? Rafting in the Jostedøla lets you truly experience the excitement and joy of playing around in a frothing glacier river.

People canyoning with Fjord Active

Equipped with a wetsuit, life jacket, and helmet, you can explore glacial potholes and waterfalls in the Leirdøla river. You can try out swimming, climbing, and water sliding – and perhaps even cliff jumping? Canyoning is a family-friendly activity, with a lower age limit of 10 years. More information and booking: Fjord Active

Person canyoning, with safety personell from Fjord Active

The nature trail

From Breheimsenteret you can follow the informative and interesting nature trail all the way to the Nigardsbrevatnet lake. An overview of the trip is available at the car park at Breheimsenteret, and you can easily find the trail by following the light-blue cones. During the trip you can learn more about geology, history, and glaciers. This is a nice trip that is suited for everyone. It takes about 1 hour each way.

Picture of nature trail