Jostedalen lies to the North of Sognefjord, with Jostedalsbreen glacier as its nearest neighbour. Between the two National Parks Breheimen and Jostedalsbreen you find the beautiful Jostedalen valley, with active agriculture and glaciers. Jostedalen has for many years been visited in Summertime, by both Norwegians and travellers from other countries alike, because of the ease of access to Nigardsbreen and the glacier walking trips there. The area has so much more to offer though, in Summer with kayak paddling to glacier fronts, rafting in the glacial river, mountain-top trips, climbing, Winter ski tours, the blue ice cathedral and snow-shoe trips from Winter into Summertime

Experience Jostedalen wintertime

Join a trip on snow shoes up Molden for amazing views out over the Fjord or to the blue ice cathedral under Nigardsbreen. Both trips are made with the normal physical ability in mind and all equipment is provided. Over a long weekend you could combine both trips with a stay at Jostedal Hotel or Jostedal Camping. To book, contact: 

Jostedal history

Jostedalen was hard hit during the "mini-ice-age" when glaciers were on the move and in some areas destroyed farms. The story of Jostedalsrypa, how one girl alone survived the Black Death is probably the most known story from Jostedalen. Jostedal has an exciting history and much of it you can find at on the website of the History Association of Jostedalen

Landscape of Luster

The landscape of Luster is a result of a project "Naturarven in Luster" and is a round-trip of Luster to the various villages where famous art works were painted. Gjerde and around the Breheimsenter are such places and in the App "Landskap i Luster" you can find a quiz about the round-trip and more related info