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Visitors have several excellent accommodation and dining options east of Jostedalsbreen and in the innermost part of Sognefjorden. This allows them to live close to several exciting activities and explore the local nature on their own in both summer and winter.


Langsua nasjonalpark

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6871 Jostedal, Norway
T: +47 57 68 32 50
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Title Address Description
M6H3+JM Mjolver, Norge
Brevegen 8, 6871 Jostedal, Norge
Jostedal hotell
Jostedalsvegen 3055, 6871, 6871 Jostedal, Norge
Jostedal camping
Jostedalsvegen 3041, 6871 Jostedal, Norge
Luster offers many superb accommodations. For visitors who want to be close to glacier activities and mountain treks, we can recommend Jostedal Hotell and Jostedal Camping, both of which are centrally located in the village of Gjerde. The hosts there are warm and welcoming, and the hotel also serves dinner the year round. At Gjerde you will also find a village shop and a petrol pump, and the village is a terrific base for mountain trekking and for rafting in the Jostedøla river.
River and camp ground in Breheimen

Jostedal hotel

Jostedal Hotel is a natural hub for both local guests and tourists from Norway and abroad, as well as for mountain and glacier guides. This is where people meet after a long day on the glacier or in the mountains, relaxing on the terrace in enjoyable company.

The hotel is famous for its personal service, savoury homemade and traditional food, and generous breakfast buffet. Jostedal Hotell is committed to offering local food, with everything from traditional Norwegian countryside meals to an à la carte menu. They use self-produced ingredients from the local farm Gjerde Gard as well as local products from the surrounding region.

Hotel room at Jostedalen hotel

Jostedal camping

Jostedal Camping lies in a rural idyll where the tributary Krundøla river flows into Jostedalen’s main watercourse. The camping site is a great base for trips to the Jostedalsbreen and Breheimen National Parks, whether for trekking, glacier hiking, rafting, or kayaking. Jostedal Camping is centrally located and is only 150 m from the village shop, a petrol pump, and a local hotel with a café and good, homemade food. The hosts take good care of you and do everything to ensure that your stay is enjoyable.

View of the mountains through a window at Jostedal camping

Other options

In Jostedalen there are several options for accommodation.

Villa Fjellheim is the closest neighbor to the Breheimsenteret and is an old guest house from the 50’s, now renovated and appears as a beautiful villa. With a view of the Nigardsbreen glacier and a large garden, conditions are ideal for groups, large families or those who just want extra space, summer or winter.

There are several cabins in the mountain that visitors can rent, visit for daytrips, or overnight at in conjunction with shorter or longer trips in Breheimen. Jostedalen is a good starting point for connecting with the DNT network of trekking routes throughout Breheimen.

Cabin in the mountains.

Arentzbu: This is the cabin that DNT’s Oslo branch (DNT Oslo og Omegn) runs in Rausdalen. Visitors can trek there from Fåberg in Jostedalen (approx. 6 h) or from Sprongdalen (approx. 6 h). Use the ut.no website to plan your trip.

Sprongdalshytta: From Viva in Jostedalen it takes 1–2 h to hike to the cabin in Sprongdalen.

Vigdalsstølen: This is the cabin that DNT’s Oslo branch runs in Vigdalen. It only takes 1 h to hike there from Vigdalen in Jostedalen.

Fivla: This the cabin that the trekking association in Luster (Luster turlag) runs in Vigdalen. It takes 1–2 h to hike there from Vigdalen in Jostedalen.

Holmevasshytta: A cabin that Jostedal Fjellstyre runs at Holmevatnet in Breheimen National Park. It takes 1-2 h to hike there from Fagredalen (Fåberg). Keys can be picked up at Jostedal Hotell.

Styggevasshytta: This is the cabin that Jostedal Bygdelag runs at Styggevatnet. It takes 1 h to hike there from the car park at Styggevatnet. Keys ca be picked up at Jostedal Hotell.

Spørteggbu: Freely accessible emergency shack.

Steinmannen: Freely accessible emergency shack.

Family in front of a cabin in the mouintains.

Information about “free camping”

Jostedalen is surrounded by the Breheimen and Jostedalsbreen National Parks, and the local nature is vulnerable also outside of the protected areas. We would like to encourage visitors to Jostedalen to use the accommodation on offer at the valley’s centrally located hotel and camping site. If you intend to camp somewhere other than the camping site, you must respect the following:


  • The common right to roam practised in Norway allows you to travel freely in nature if you do so in a considerate manner. If you intend to vacation out in nature, please familiarize yourself with this right to roam.
  • Pick up rubbish and throw it away in public bins.
  • Use public toilets if possible, and show consideration if you have to go to the loo out in nature – toilet paper does not biodegrade instantly. Many visitors enjoy the nature over the course of a summer, and it is essential that we respect one another and the environment.
  • Campervan toilets must only be emptied at a designated emptying station (tømmestasjon).
  • Camping is prohibited in the Nigardsbreen Nature Reserve.
  • Off-road driving is prohibited.
  • Respect the posted signs and do not park in such a manner that you hinder or bother other visitors.
  • Ask local inhabitants whether it is permitted to camp or erect a tent. All camps and tents should be at least 150 m to the nearest house or cabin.