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The glacier boat

The easiest way to visit the Nigardsbreen glacier is by taking a boat trip across the glacial lake. The boat runs between June and September. Join MS Vitlerypa or MS Jostedalsrypa when you visit the glacier!


Langsua nasjonalpark

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6871 Jostedal, Norway
T: +47 57 68 32 50
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Boat on the water, with Nigardsbreen glacier in the background.

The boat trip to Nigardsbreen

MS Jostedalsrypa takes 22 passengers, and commutes continuously between the parking lot and Nigardsbreen every day of the season from late May/June – September. 

In the high season (July – appr. 25.August) there are two boats, MS Jostedalsrypa and MS Vitlerypa. It is not possible to book a seat on the boat, and there are no fixed schedule. Just show up at the pier, buy a ticket when you arrive (credit card or Vipps) and the boats drive back and forth as quickly as possible.

Some departures can be filled up by people going on the daily glacier hikes with the Jostedalen Glacier Guides Co.



Children roundtrip NOK 50,-

Adults roundtrip NOK 75,-

Children one way NOK 30,-

Adults one way NOK 50,-