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The Glacier road

From Breheimsenteret you can drive 3 km through the moraine landscape to the carpark at the Glacier Lake. From the carpark there is boat transportation crossing the lake. The toll station at the entrance is fully automated. Please follow instructions describing payment alternatives.


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Picture of the Brevegen road with the glacier in the background.

The Glacier Road (Brevegen) allows you to drive 3 km inside the Nigardsbreen nature Reserve in Jostedalen, and this is also the entrance to the Jostedal Glacier National Park.
You exit the Road 604 at Villa Fjellheim, just as you can see both the Nigardsbreen and the Breheimsenteret, the National Park Visitor Center.

Take the time to visit Breheimsenteret, where you will pick up valuable facts about the National Park and det area you are heading into.


The road, parking and boat transportation

When you reach the car park at the end of the road, you can easily get to go further by crossing the lake by boat, and then walk up to the front og the glacier. It is a spectacular sight, especially if you go all the way to the designated viewpoint. And a guided walk on the ice is of course even more exciting.

  • The road is open from late April through October.
  • In the main season both the boats are running back and forth without any fixed schedule. Just get your ticket at the carpark, and join the first available departure.
  • You cannot book the boat trip before you arrive.
  • Occasionally, some departures are reserved for hiking groups. Please respect this.
  • Please remember, overnight parking is not allowed.
Persons on the pier

At the toll station

As you enter the Brevegen Road, you will pass a toll gate. From the start of 2024 this will be a fully automated toll road system, without any bar or physical gate.
Your registration number will be scanned, and you can choose to pay by credit card on the spot, passpay.no, or by mailed invoice.

Pay when you leave.
Please read the information board at the toll station.


Picture of the Brevegen road with the glacier in the background.

Road toll and shuttle boat prices

The road

Cars/motorhomes NOK 90,-
Motorcycle NOK 60,-
Coach NOK 450,-

Båten (betaling ved båten)

Child back and forth  NOK 50,-
Adult back and forth NOK 75,-
Child one way NOK 30,-
Adult one way NOK 50,-

By Nigardsbrevatnet lake

About the Brevegen AS

The company Brevegen AS was established in 1958, and the road was built. This made it a lot easier to reach the glacier, and the tourism has grown ever since.
From the late 60’s a couple of mountaineers started guiding tourists on the blue ice. From 1972 the company started a passenger boat service across the glacier lake, making it even easier to reach the glacier.
Today the company Brebåtane AS have 2 shuttle boats in the main season, and the company Jostedalen Glacier Guiding have as many as 30 guides offering a range of glacier hikes.
The road is open from late April through October. In the winter the road is used as a cross country skiing track.

Boat to Nigardsbreen
Title Address Description
M6H3+MG Mjolver, Norge
M6FH+H7 Mjolver, Norge
M6FM+2P Mjolver, Norge
M5JX+3H Mjolver, Norge