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Visit Breheimsenteret

Breheimsenteret is a visitor centre for the Jostedalsbreen and Breheimen National Parks. The centre lies in the Jostedalen valley and offers a direct view of the Nigardsbreen glacier. At the centre, visitors can experience the glaciers up close, enjoy good food, and learn about glaciers in our exhibition.


Langsua nasjonalpark

Contact us

6871 Jostedal, Norway
T: +47 57 68 32 50
E: jostedal@jostedal.com



Breheimsenteret in front of the glacier.

Prices and opening hours

Opening hours:

May 1st – June 16th: 10.00 – 17.00

June 17th – August 18th: 09.00 – 19.00

August 19th –  September 30th: 10.00 – 17.00

October 1st – October 6th: 10.00 –15.00

Breheimsenteret is open everyday from 1st of May – 6th of October.

Tickets, exhibition:
Adults: 95 NOK
Children under the age of 10: Free
Children, seniors, students and groups: 65 NOK

Breheimsenteret at night under a starry sky.

The exhibition

Breheimsenteret is an authorized visitor centre for the Jostedalsbreen and Breheimen National Parks. Visitors can learn about these protected areas in the exhibition, which presents some of the most varied nature that Norway has to offer, ranging from lush, deep valleys to desolate highlands and glaciers.

Woman and girl at Breheimsenteret.

In an exciting, informative, and interactive way, the exhibition demonstrates how glaciers and the climate have both changed throughout history. The exhibition also shows how glaciers have formed the landscape and what it is like living next to a glacier and using its natural resources. In our screening room we show a picture-based film that takes you on a journey beneath, on, and around Jostedalsbreen throughout the various seasons. A visit to Breheimsenteret will certainly be an informative experience!

Two women in the exhibition at Breheimsenteret.

Food and drink

After a long day trekking, enjoy a hearty meal with a view of Nigardsbreen. In our lunch restaurant, visitors can eat homemade meals prepared with a mix of local ingredients. On Sundays there is a separate dinner menu, with new exciting dishes each time. For an updated menu, please consult our Facebook page!

Woman and man in the café at Breheimsenteret.

If you don’t have time to sit down in our restaurant, we offer packed lunches that you can take with you on your trip. Contact us and we’ll take care of it! We offer:

  • Standard lunch (NOK 135): a homemade spelt roll with ham and cheese, an apple, and a 0.5 l bottle of water.
  • Deluxe lunch (NOK 175): a homemade spelt roll with salmon and rocket, an apple, chocolate, and a 0.5 l bottle of water.

The lunch restaurant has the capacity to receive both small and large groups. Please contact us if you are interested in a separate group menu.

Sandwiches at Breheimsenteret.

Meetings and banquets

What about moving your meeting to a new kind of conference centre that gives participants direct access to nature? Breheimsenteret is the ideal facility for seminars and meetings, and we would also love to host whatever social event you have planned.

Hands holding three coffee cups.

We serve lunch dishes, cakes, and coffee and offer guided presentations of our exhibition and the Nigardsbredalen valley. Our nature guide will talk about topics such as glaciers and the climate, local history and legends of the Black Death, nearby tourist attractions, and the Jostedalsbreen and Breheimen National Parks. We have experience with hosting events such as weddings, confirmations, baptisms, and anniversaries. We adapt the programme to your group, so please contact us to hear what we can offer.

Red rose

Tourist information

Breheimsenteret offers tourist information to visitors to the Jostedalen area. We have a great deal of knowledge about the area, so feel free to drop by if you are looking for some tips and advice for your stay. At the centre you will find everything you need of brochures and information, and you can book glacier hikes with Jostedal Breførarlag and Icetroll. We will be glad to help you plan your stay!

Old shoes at the tourist information in Breheimsenteret.

In our shop you can purchase mementos from your trip to Jostedalen. We sell souvenirs, local products, food, books, and maps. Take a look! Our food products include spekepølse (smoked sausage) from Brelam, a local company that also makes fenalår (cured leg of lamb), pinnekjøt (cured lamb ribs), and salta kjøt (salted meat). The meat is from animals that have grazed in the Nigardsbredalen valley and in the highlands west of the glacier. If you need a warm jacket, or a wool hat or gloves for your trip, you will find them for sale in our shop.

How to get here

Breheimsenteret lies between the Jostedalsbreen and Breheimen National Parks in Jostedalen in Luster municipality, in the inner Sognefjorden. This is a natural detour for those travelling over the Sognefjellet pass (on the RV 55) or coming from Sogndal and the RV 5. There are several ways to get to Breheimsenteret and Jostedalen.

Title Address Description
Brevegen 8, 6871 Jostedal, Norge

By bus The bus company Kringom runs the Brebussen (“Glacier Bus”) service, which is a separate summertime route from Sogndal to the Nigardsbreen car park. In order to see the bus schedule, please consult either the Kringom website or Travel Like the Locals By plane Daily departures to Sogndal Airport from Oslo and Bergen with Widerøe. By boat Daily departures to Sogndal from Bergen, and from Flåm between 1 May and 30 September (norled.no). From Sogndal you can continue your travel by bus. If you are arriving from somewhere else in Norway, it may be beneficial to use the travel planner En tur.

Two women at Breheimsenteret

About the building

The Breheimsenteret visitor centre was originally completed in 1993. In its shape, the characteristic building resembles the crevasses and seracs (or “ice columns”) of a glacier. The architect was Rolf Sande from the local firm A38 in Sogndal. In summer 2011, the building burnt to the ground, and a new building was in place in 2013. In 1997 Breheimsenteret was authorized as a national park visitor centre. We have been charged with a particular responsibility for educational and environmental activities related to the Breheimen and Jostedalsbreen National Parks.

Aerial view of Breheimsenteret.

Contact us

Visiting address: Breheimsenteret, Brevegen 8, 6871 Jostedal, Norway

Booking and contact:
Email: jostedal@jostedal.com
Tel.: +47 57 68 32 50

Marte Meland
Nature guide

Anna Zäll

Two women at the windof of Breheimsenteret